food color dyed easter eggs

We spent the morning dyeing two dozen easter eggs using simple food coloring mixed with white vinegar and water. The process proved to be enjoyable and easy for my son, as well as quick. Since we were going for a more pastel look with the colors, just a minute or two was all it took to achieve the results. A good thing for Lars, since he was all over getting each one of those eggs in and out of the dye bath on his own, without any hesitation and as quickly as he possibly could! We finished in under an hour with some very pretty half hard-boiled and half hollow (and now slightly cracked) colored variations; and two very stained toddler hands... i'll be scrubbing at those for days :)

*For food dyed eggs mix 20 drops food coloring with 1 tsp. white vinegar and 1 cup hot water in glass jars or containers deep enough to submerse the eggs. For very deep, rich toned colors leave eggs in dye bath up to10  minutes.


a bull's eye bully

{my bible}

When my son was born I began reading a book called 'What do you really want for your children' by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  It was given to me by my midwife and I have read it cover to cover and treasured it since.  It's full of all kinds of  'radical' ideas (respect your children, allow them to do what they feel in the moment, give them personal space ~ imagine!) on raising what he calls 'no - limit' kids.  There is truly not one ounce of advice or research I can disagree with in this book, and I have regarded it as somewhat of a tome as I approach daily life with my son.  I mention all of this in the midst of a very unnerving event that happened while we were out shopping yesterday.  With some spring weather finally making it's appearance, we discovered our son was in need and ready for some new clothing.  Having just scanned the ads in the Sunday paper, we headed to the big box with the bulls eye to load up on wardrobe essentials.  Upon arriving, I explained beforehand to my son that he would be expected to ride in the cart as opposed to his choice of walking.  He gave me no grief and agreed to follow instruction.  Of course at two and a half this all pleasantly slipped his mind once we entered into the store, and a tantrum ensued.  Now I have a couple different options here... I can turn around and head back out the door, place my kicking and screaming child back into the car seat at his verbal and physical disapproval, and head home while left shaken to the core without anything we intended to pick up on our outing.  OR... I can employ Dr. Dyer's technique and see my son's tantrum as truly what it is, a simple human expression of needs that are being displayed the only way he knows how (at this moment in time) and listen and respect and communicate him through the emotional event.  Well naturally I chose the latter, and while I was calmly talking my son down from his temper tirade, my husband stepped away as preferred.  And it was during this momentary separation of the three of us that another individual entered the equation.  Naturally bystanders are inevitable, and in these cases even in my best attempts to find a quiet corner of the store, we may still experience some spectators.  But I don't concern myself with them, therefore comments they may make never enter my ear.  Not so this time, because as my husband kept in sight but with slight distance, he discovered a muttering elderly woman likely in her nineties calling my son a 'very very bad boy', and 'an unhappy boy with unhappy parents' and on and on, loud enough for anyone nearby to hear, and she herself drawing attention and creating a small crowd.  My husband couldn't stand by and just listen, so he informed this bitter old lady that that 'very bad boy' was in fact his son and did she have an opinion on how the situation should be handled?  She proceeded to say her children never acted that way and were now old and grown and successful parents themselves, successfully insulting my husband once again.  Her advice was to take something away for his behavior.  Like what, his clothing?? We are in a retail store and brought in with us only his snacks and juice... to conclude this entire event was very emotional for me, and although tantrums may be unpleasant at times for others, (this one lasted less than five minutes) as there are options for us there are options for them.  In a 200,000 + square foot store, my advice is to step away and keep your cruel comments to yourself.

montessori makeover

After picking up a library book on the history of Maria Montessori, I was inspired to create the experience for Lars in our home. I've been intrigued by the theory long before my son came along, and even took tours of a few local montessori's when contemplating returning to work full-time. Since the toys were beginning to take over his room I couldn't think of a better time to implement this strategy. To create the space we picked up a shelving unit by Closetmaid and used on-hand food storage containers to organize everything by likeness. The idea is to keep a limited variety of items of interest within your child's reach, and rotate the options periodically. Meant to foster independence building, I've also been enjoying the benefits of my two and a half year old happily content to play for
30 - 45 minute stretches at a time!



it was another sunny sunday this past weekend and we took full advantage of it. after a breakfast of the best waffles out there, we headed out back to survey the damage done by six months of snow, rain and wind. our yard was looking pretty shabby due to overgrown grass and a few projects left undone. before we knew it lunchtime rolled around and we had a shorn lawn and new flower bed. after eating we went back out to soak up more sun and finish our work... that is until my son was ready to collapse from all the fun around 3pm... we'll plant the flowers next weekend~


paint pastel

we took advantage of the sun this past weekend and completed the first of a few furniture paint projects.  this is a simple wood table from ikea that was in desperate need of a makeover;  i've been inspired by candy colors and chose this paint color in particular to brighten up our bedroom.  the entire project was completed with one sample jar of martha stewart's grape jelly bean (appropriately named!) and i couldn't be happier with the results.


while i'm waiting for the rain to stop... are some adorable looks i can't wait to wear this spring. i never tire of a little nautical inspiration, and you can't go wrong with sequins!!