food color dyed easter eggs

We spent the morning dyeing two dozen easter eggs using simple food coloring mixed with white vinegar and water. The process proved to be enjoyable and easy for my son, as well as quick. Since we were going for a more pastel look with the colors, just a minute or two was all it took to achieve the results. A good thing for Lars, since he was all over getting each one of those eggs in and out of the dye bath on his own, without any hesitation and as quickly as he possibly could! We finished in under an hour with some very pretty half hard-boiled and half hollow (and now slightly cracked) colored variations; and two very stained toddler hands... i'll be scrubbing at those for days :)

*For food dyed eggs mix 20 drops food coloring with 1 tsp. white vinegar and 1 cup hot water in glass jars or containers deep enough to submerse the eggs. For very deep, rich toned colors leave eggs in dye bath up to10  minutes.

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