oscars 2011 red carpet favorites

since everyone will be talking about their favorite celebrity dresses from oscar night, i thought i would create a poster of my top five picks; likely you've already seen the looks as they were and i had a some fun making this while my son napped today! it was a great time watching the show with my husband and son while we ate too much cheesecake and chocolate mousse; and it was a thrill to watch Natalie Portman win her award for best actress, looking radiantly pregnant.


DIY reed diffuser

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home fragrance is one of those little details that always seems to come in and out of my life.  i buy candles, when i remember, but don't light them nearly as often as i used to now that i have my curious son; potpourri has never been my thing; and weekly flowers only go so far.  being a big fan of reed diffusers (but not their hefty price) i'll be taking a cue from whole living and making my own this season.  follow the recipe below with your choice of branches for a combination said to open the channels of communication and lighten any mood.

50 drops of bergamot

30 drops of cedarwood

20 drops of geranium

soak small twigs or dried grasses in a shallow dish of your blend, then pour the rest into a glass vessel and stand the sticks inside.  let the conversation flow.


font fanfare

i am a font fanatic.  above are some of my favorite new fonts for 2011.  find them here.  and if  you are a fan of handwriting fonts and you've always dreamed of turning yours into one, visit this site (you'll need a scanner).

baking essentials

ever since i laid eyes on these nesting measuring cups and bowls i've been dreaming of all the ways they would improve my life; a better cooking experience, more organized cupboard, mood enhancement from the cheery colors...the list goes on.  the ceramic measuring spoons from anthropologie may not be practical, but their sweetness more than makes up for it; and various shades of lavender are becoming my favorite colors.


out of hibernation

a funny thing happened...

over the past six and a half weeks i discovered in myself a fair amount of composure.  in fact, over the last nearly five months, my discoveries have been crucially life-changing.  this is somewhat largely due to the sudden realization that i am no longer in my twenties.  it's true i've crossed that threshold of age almost half a year ago, so let's just humor the fact that i'm a late bloomer (which is truly true...i hadn't even figured out the world of PC's until two years ago).  over the course of the above mentioned time i've exercised a considerable amount of patience and tight-lipped reservation.  naturally it hasn't all come easy, and in my efforts to persist i set myself to the challenge of finding botanical remedies to ease the pain.  i have become a regular tea swilling, essential oil smelling, vitamin popping fanatic, and i couldn't be more calm.  and now that i'm on the beginning path to centered-ness, the cause of my ailments has been all but relieved; although none too quickly because the habits i've developed over this rather short period of time will i believe benefit me well into the long run.  and now for the big reveal...
my husband's mac is once again fully functioning and so forth now can i.  so as long as i'm on this streak i guess i'll put this little baby away (that is, until i'm ready to compose my next letter to my pen pal (you know who you are girl!!)
it's good to be back~

 (found at the thrift store for 10 bucks; i am truly in love)