DIY reed diffuser

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home fragrance is one of those little details that always seems to come in and out of my life.  i buy candles, when i remember, but don't light them nearly as often as i used to now that i have my curious son; potpourri has never been my thing; and weekly flowers only go so far.  being a big fan of reed diffusers (but not their hefty price) i'll be taking a cue from whole living and making my own this season.  follow the recipe below with your choice of branches for a combination said to open the channels of communication and lighten any mood.

50 drops of bergamot

30 drops of cedarwood

20 drops of geranium

soak small twigs or dried grasses in a shallow dish of your blend, then pour the rest into a glass vessel and stand the sticks inside.  let the conversation flow.

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Heather Carter said...

Oh I love this! Thank you my dear for sharing!