fade into summer

when the sun begins to shine and the temperature warms up, no other time of year conjures more memories for me of my childhood spent in the vast open fields and dewy meadows of my hometown. I grew up among rolling fields of farmland and endless miles of country road filled with hills of lushness and acres of trees. On the most beautiful of days my friends and I would head to a state park known around the world for the ten waterfalls it kept hidden among it's trails. My great uncle lived in a house that was the original homestead of his parents (his nephew, my uncle, lives there now) and just across the hayfield beyond the small forest was my grandparents home. My brothers, cousins, and I would make that trek on a daily basis, exploring and taking in all the fresh air and vast sky we could. Summers were absolutely glorious. And although I couldn't wait to graduate and move onto the big city (admittedly taking a lot of this natural beauty I was born into for granted) where I knew I would find myself, looking back I am grateful to have had a childhood that may be all but extinct today. Although my son will have a much different growing up than I did, we can still make the most of our surroundings and spending time in our backyard does just that. With all this nostalgia floating around me I was compelled to apply a technique to some of my favorite wardrobe pieces that would evoke the breezy, faded afternoons of my youth. Lars was only too happy to help and kept me supplied with fresh water after every application.

my 'new' summer essentials...

Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts hot water in a non-reactive tub or tote.  Let items process 10-30 minutes, or until desired effect.  Rinse thoroughly in a clean, cold water bath and let air dry.  Machine wash as normal.  Always wear rubber gloves.