shopping for a rainy day

each day around 10am i head outdoors with my son, rain or shine.  the fresh air is vital to our sanity.  we'll spend anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour playing in the back yard, or taking a walk around the block.  living in the northwest can have it's challenges when it comes to weather, and lately we've been finding ourselves out cold in the rain (figuratively speaking).  Lars' snow coat has been useful, but the wetter it gets the more i'd like him to have more appropriate seasonal gear.  there is a lot out there for girls but i was able to find some great options for boys;  these are a few of my favorites with a strong lean towards numbers 6 and 7...what do you think?

1. hatley sesame street rain jacket

2.  western chief snowboard camo rain boots

3.  hatley robots kids' rain boots

4.  hatley camp kids rain jacket

5.  kidorable dinosaur rain boots

6.  chooka tossed skulls toddler rain boots

7.  western chief snowboard camo rain jacket


Heather Carter said...

Yes! Love number 3 too!

barbara said...

thanks Heather! i think i'm going to have to get a couple pairs of boots- they are too cute!