green with glaze

the last time we celebrated st. patrick's day was five years ago... with an old friend of my husband's who claimed a mere slice of  irish blood and who could cook a mean beef brisket; it was the best i'd ever had.  before that, the holiday was a fun celebration of childhood, and always enticing to pinch schoolmates who had forgotten to wear green.  to be honest,  this year it slipped my mind entirely until i heard it being announced on the radio this morning.  since my son was in no mood for clothing, i thought he would have fun getting covered in some lucky icing.  aside from the steps necessary for adults, he did all the work on these himself; and we both avoided getting pinched! 

(recipe is for basic yellow cake found in virtually any cookbook; mine is better homes and gardens.  the glaze is confectioner's sugar, oj, and green food coloring.)

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CF said...

I hope you all had fun!! XOXOX Kiss Lars for me!! We'd love some pictures!