stormy sunday

Day 46/365
tacoma narrows bridge near my home, via here

although i am an early riser through the fall and winter months, this morning i awoke to a rainstorm at a time that left quite a few hours to go until daylight. wind and rain outside my bedroom window whirred and whistled until i was left with no other choice than to get up and brew an extra large pot of coffee. these days i'm a much lighter sleeper since having my son, and after i rubbed most of the sleep from my eyes and had a few sips of caffeine, i was able to see the opportunity at hand and take advantage of it~ some alone time. it is an elusive occasion for me and truly one i don't think about until the moment presents itself. when it does i'm usually left contemplating what i should do with my time, until it has run out and all i did was spend it trying to make a decision. not so this time. i fired up netflix and chose a selection i would otherwise never have the opportunity to watch in the presence of my two year old. it was a 2 hours in the early early am that was well spent, and inspires my next film fashion post. stay tuned!!

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