mountain holiday

fireside kiss

first~ever hot chocolate

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matchbox toys

rockets + airplanes

holiday view

we had a delightful holiday this year at the mountain. we spent our time filling up on sweets and snow, and although Lars and i could not hit the slopes this year (but will be for sure next year) my husband braved them alone; only to return a few hours later to claim it's just no fun without us~ aahhh, we love him for that!

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Heather Carter said...

hey pretty. Love this post especially the way you did the slideshow-ish pictures of sledding. Would you mind filling me in on that technique of displaying pics? I love it! I love a lot of the effects of your page and need help on facelifting mine....another reason we should be neighbors! I also love your collage like posts. Hope all is well my fine frenzied friend!