Film Fashion : Dianne Wiest

few ladies in showbiz have the ability to deliver cool class as well as Dianne Wiest.  whether sporting oversize frames as a devoted wife and mother in Edward Scissorhands, or looking stunningly chic bohemian while portraying a struggling actress in Hannah and her Sisters, it's hard to be disappointed.  as one of my favorite performers, i am looking forward to the latest release of her newest film 'Rabbit Hole', out this month.

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Heather Carter said...

You amaze me...why oh why couldn't we be neighbors???! I can't believe the way our brains work alike! We just watched Edward Scissorhands the other night and I simply ADORE Hannah and Her Sisters!!!! And as far as your post goes about Christmas shopping...well you HAVE to have an heirloom gift! ;-)I'm so old school with gift giving for my daughter that it's not even funny! You'd think I was in my 50's and not my ealy 30's! I'm just sentimental that way though.
Man I wish we were neighbors my dear Barbara! I'm so glad we can reunite through the fabulous internet, if that's the least we can do though! xoxox